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Posted by Charmi on Mon July 31, 2023 in Sabie News.

In Sabie everything can be a walk away …

Sabie is a beautiful small town in Mpumalanga, South Africa with a lot of history and nice places to eat and drink, I believe there is a restaurant for every one’s taste.

At Sabie Self Catering Apartments, we offer fully equipped Self Catering accommodation with the added benefit of being within walking distance of some great restaurants.

Let’s start with the closest restaurant from us.

The Woodsman Restaurant and Pub

With only 210m from Sabie Self Catering Apartments’ premises, or just up the road, you can enjoy a hearty meal, with a little bit of Greek and South African flare in all their dishes. From shawarmas with the best tzatziki and coleslaw to rump steaks served with rice and warm vegs or just some chips with a sauce of you choose.

Sitting on their terrace, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Sabie valley and mountains.  At The Woodsman, you can taste our local Sabie Valley Coffee. If you enjoy it, you can take some home too. It is a well-situated place for all kind occasions from formal dinners to Susan’s first birthday party with the kids play area down-stairs.

The Wild Fig Tree

Only 240m from Sabie Self Catering Apartments’ premises.

If you have never tasted African and South African cuisines, you should reserve a table and try the menu at this restaurant. This Restaurant is a real Jewel in the Lowveld. With the kindest waiters. You can indulge in well-prepared fillet steaks, carpaccio, and trout here. The chef at Wild Fig Tree makes the best ice cream, lemon pie and venison. The Wild Fig Tree is one of the oldest Restaurants in Sabie and gets amazing Trip Advisor reviews.

The African Elephant Restaurant

280m from Sabie Self Catering Apartments’ premises

The African Elephant Restaurant offers nicely prepared fillet steaks, salads, and ribs. Their Eisbein is hands down the best in Sabie, you can enjoy your Eisbein with rice and their vegetable of the day or with some chips. Their food is for meat lovers as well as vegetarians.

Sitting on the terrace, you can enjoy a great view. The restaurant has a unique safari feel to it, with a life size elephant greeting you at the door. There is an indoor play area with cameras, to always be able to have an eye on the young ones.

Loggers Pub & Grill

300m from Sabie Self Catering Apartments’ premises

“Loggers” like the local people of Sabie call it. Has a more modern lumberjack feel, with a lot of wood décor. You can order big burgers, steaks and ribs and other meaty dishes too at this restaurant. The warm atmosphere of Loggers Pub and Grill makes guests feel relaxed and have a good time. The energetic staff reflects the style and character of this place. Terrific service is something that people highlight in their reviews.

 Petenas Pancakes

300m from Sabie Self Catering Apartments’ Premises

You may order well prepared breakfast sandwiches and lamb curry. If hungry, come here for tasty chocolate waffles, pancakes, and brownies. The Restaurant has recently got new owners and with the new management the whole atmosphere changed. It is now a cozy, yet somewhat formal restaurant. With a lot of tasty pancakes, waffles in savoury or sweet to enjoy.

This restaurant is conveniently located on Main Road and easy to find. Petenas Pancakes is recommended for their cheerful staff. The good service is something these restaurateurs care about.

Merry Pebbles Restaurant

1.2km from Sabie Self Catering Apartments’ premises

This restaurant may please you with good pizza, trout, steaks, and onion rings. Merry Pebbles is famous for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. This Restaurant is set just 100m from the Sabie River. Which makes it a unique stop for everyone that loves nature.

Yes, it is not with-in “easy” walking distance from Sabie Self Catering Apartments’ premises, but it is, a restaurant you want to visit, whiles in Sabie. The Restaurant has a formal South African atmosphere, but it is very relaxing and peaceful, a place for young and old.


There is a lot to taste and experience, in our Town. If you just decide to take a walk.