TV & Radio

It is a great time to spend with family and exploring our beautiful part of the country. Should you however wish to watch some television or listen to the radio, we got you covered....
We are on a Guest House/Hotel Bouquet and do have only selected DSTV Channels.

Error messages:
Should you get an error message, please note that it may be that the specific channel is not available on our Hotel Bouquet.

TV not responding/blank screen:
Ensure that the decoder is switch on (green light should be on)
1. Press the Grey/On button on the DSTV remote.
2. Also ensure the TV is switched on.
If it remains blank:
1. Ensure the TV is on the correct source, it should be on AV.
2. If all fails, switch off everything at the wall plug for a minute and switch back on in order to re-boot.
3. If you are still experiencing a problem. Please contact us on 074 991 7304

Want to listen to the RADIO:
1. Press Blue DSTV button.
2. Press down button on the remote to access the music channel.
3. To return to TV, you will repeat step 1 and select to go to TV.

Happy watching!