We offer complimentary WiFi during your stay at Sabie Self Catering Apartments.
The highest line speed available in Sabie (ADSL) is 4Mbps. We are currently waiting for our Fibre to be installed.
Please note that it is intended for our guests to communicate with their loved-ones at home, Facebook, Whatsapp, Emails etc.
Should you with to YOUTUBE, NETFLIX or other applications that requires high/fast data - the system may be slow.

WiFi Information:
Apartment A,B,C
Network name: Sabie Self Catering
Password: sabieselfcatering

Apartment D & E
Network name: Apartment D
Password: apartment@d

We do experience "outages" from time to time. Please note that this is out of our control.
Should there be Load-shedding, the Wi-Fi will also be effected.
No "refunds" will be entertained due to no Wi-Fi.