Apartment Folder


Dear Guest,

We here at Sabie Self Catering Apartments would like to warmly welcome you and your family. Please take some time to read this "Apartment Folder" . It has been created to answer frequently asked questions.

Information on our town and the attractions in our area is available on our website.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask, we are happy to assist.

You can contact us via:

Phone: 074 991 7304

Dialing from an International number +27 74 991 7304

Whatsapp: Same as phone number

Emergency number 8pm and 8pm. Phone 071 598 3346 - NO Whatsapps. Only Emergency calls

Please bring any concerns to our attention as soon as possible. We want you to enjoy your stay and we prefer to attend to any concerns while you are still staying with us.

With the kindest regards,

Annelise & The Team



We offer complimentary WiFi during your stay at Sabie Self Catering Apartments.
The highest line speed available in Sabie (ADSL) is 4Mbps.
Please note that it is intended for our guests to communicate with their loved-ones at home, Facebook, Whatsapp, Emails etc.
Should you with to YOUTUBE, NETFLIX or other applications that requires high/fast data - the system may be slow.

WiFi Information for Apartment A,B,C & D
Network name: Sabie Self Catering (or Security)
Password: sabieselfcatering

We do experience "outages" from time to time. Please note that this is out of our control.
No "refunds" will be entertained due to no Wi-Fi.


Getting in contact during your stay

Monday to Friday (8am-4pm) you are likely to find us in the office at reception.

If not, we may have just gone out to the shop or are at a meeting in town.
From time to time, we are out cycling in our beautiful mountains. Please do leave a whatsapp message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Saturday and Sundays we are not on the premises. We are however still just a phone call/Whatsapp away.

Any Phone calls after 8pm and before 8am -EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY
As we may be as sleep at the time of your call - just keep calling until we answer.
Only this number will be answered TEL 071 598 3346

(The 074 number will not be active during 8pm and 8am)


In the event of an Emergency

Emergency contact numbers

Sabie Self Catering Apartments: 074 991 7304 / (+27) 74 991 7304

Sabie Police: 013 764 1211

Police: 10111

Fire: John Masinga 072 670 3600 or Emergency Fire: 013 764 1211

Ambulance: ER 24(Private) 084 124
911 (Private) 082 576 7322

DR Merna Cronje: 013 764 1043 / 079 070 1065

Dr Robert Mhlongo: 013 764 2134 / 082 294 4267

23,6th Ave, Sabie (6th AVE (NOTE: Avenue NOT Street) is also know as Mac Mac Street)
We are situated in the same street as the SAPS Detective Offices.
We are in the same street at Coffee ETC & The Bookshop/ Woodsman Centre.
White gate - Marked 23

You can find a fire extinguisher in your apartment. Be sure to know where it is located (kitchen or entrance)
A fire blanket is available in each kitchen area.
There is also a FIRE HOSE at the bottom of the steps.
* Do not use Water on Oil as it will only float and spread.. Use blanket, fire extinguisher or sand.
* Do not use Water on Electricity, as water conducts electricity. Use blanket, fire extinguisher or sand.

Should the fire be out of hand and you need to leave the apartment....
Never go back into the apartment to retrieve personal belongings, your life is more valuable.
* Assembly point 1: At the top WHITE GATE/Green Water tank
* Assembly point 2: At the bottom GREEN GATE.


TV & Radio

It is a great time to spend with family and exploring our beautiful part of the country. Should you however wish to watch some television or listen to the radio, we got you covered....
Below you will find a list of the TV channels

Error messages:
Should you get an error message, please note that it may be that the specific channel is not avaialble on our Hotel Bouquet.

TV not responding/blank screen:
Ensure that the decoder is switch on (green light should be on)
1. Press the Grey/On button on the DSTV remote.
2. Also ensure the TV is switched on.
If it remains blank:
1. Ensure the TV is on the correct source, it should be on AV.
2. If all fails, switch off everything at the wall plug for a minute and switch back on in order to re-boot.
3. If you are still experiencing a problem. Please contact us on 074 991 7304

Want to listen to the RADIO:
1. Press Blue DSTV button.
2. Press down button on the remote to access the music channel.
3. To return to TV, you will repeat step 1 and select to go to TV.

Happy watching!


Housekeeping and Laundry


Please do let us know if you require housekeeping services during your stay (2 nights or more)
Herewith our adjusted Covid Housekeeping information:


Monkeys and Mosquitoes

One of the most seen animals in Sabie is the Vervet monkey. We are fortunate that they are " well behaved" and do not enter the apartments to steel food.
PLEASE do not feed them, as then they will become a nuisance.
Do not leave any food (especially fruit) where they can see it, this may encourage them to try and come into the Apartment. Please do not leave food/rubbish unattended or overnight at the braai area.

Sabie is a malaria FREE area, we do however still have mosquitoes and therefore we provide you with Doom insect spray in the kitchen, alternatively mosquito repellent can be bought at Spar or Van Heerden Pharmacy.

Should there be any excessive number of insects in your apartment, please do let us know in order to take the necessary steps.


Check-out & what to do with keys on departure

On the day of departure, we kindly request departure before 10:00am.

A late check out will result in additional charges. Please remember that we require the time to prepare the unit for the next guests.

You will find a "keys" post box at each gate.
Please be sure to exit the property before dropping the keys in the box.

TOP GATE: Red Post Box (slot in front)
BOTTOM GATE: Black Post Box (slot in back)